Soup overflowing with umami and Chashu that melts in your mouth is excellent

Luxurious ramen with servings of Kobe beef

A ramen store located on the south of Osaka [Kobe Beef Ramen Rokonomiya Souemoncho Store].  

In addition to the “Beef Salt Ramen”, which is luxuriously delicious with the flavor of Kobe beef and a light salt sauce, we also offer “Shrimp Ramen” and “Pork Bone Ramen”.

Rice dishes such as “Yakihan” (fried rice) to “Otsumami Yaki-Pork” (grilled pork snack), are served as well as beer and highballs.

We have new menus on the way so please look forward to it. 

The restaurant is fully equipped with table seating, and groups are welcome♪ 

From soups to Chashu!
Kobe Beef serving with [Salted Beef Ramen]

We are proud of our use of kobe beef in ramen. 

The “Beef Salt Ramen” is our top recommendation, with a soup that combines the flavors brought out by slowly cooking beef bones over low heat with a salty sauce, as well as rare Chashu on top! 

The rich, appetizing aroma of the “Shrimp Ramen”, and the soup, which combines condensed sweet shrimp extract and chicken stock, is delicious and attracts many repeat customers. 

We also recommend [Tonkotsu Ramen], which has a rich yet light flavor that makes you want more as you drink the broth.

The pursuit of a delicious bowl! 
We put effort into firm noodles and rare Chashu

Thin and chewy noodles mix well with the soup and enhance its delicious taste. Also, the Chashu made from Kobe beef is thinly sliced in the restaurant to make it easy to eat. 

The low-temperature cooking method specially makes the texture of the meat soft and melt-in-your-mouth. 

We also serve rare meat, so please enjoy a hot pot to your liking! We will grill your meat if rare meat is not suitable for you.  

We serve a variety of rice dishes and snacks!
A lot of menu items that you can enjoy to your heart’s content

We offer a variety of dishes to enjoy with ramen!

In addition to the rice dishes that can be ordered as a set, such as “Fried Rice”, “Pork Chashu Rice Bowl”, “Rice” and there are also “Appetizer grilled Pork”, “Wontons”, “Dumplings” and “Fried Chicken” that go well with alcoholic beverages.

We are proud of all of our dishes, so please try as many dishes! 

Groups・Reservations are available
We have table seats available in our wide store

The atmosphere in our store is bright and enjoyable.

The store is so wide you would not think that this was a ramen restaurant.

In addition to counter seating, which is perfect for a one-person meal, we also offer table seating that is easy to use for dining with family and friends. We have many customers who come here for sightseeing or to visit after a drinking party.

We accept private parties from 20 people, so groups are welcome! We will serve you with all our hearts.   


Recommended menu

Salted Beef Ramen

Kobe beef bones are slowly cooked over low heat and combined with Kobe beef suet fat to extract the flavor, and the light salt-based sauce enhances the luxurious sweetness of Kobe beef.

Store Information

StoreKobe Beef Ramen Rokonomiya Souemoncho Store
AddressOsaka, Osaka-shi, Chuo ward, Souemonchō 3-16
TransportationNamba Station walk 10 minutes
10 min walk from Nihonbashi Station 255m from Nihonbashi Station
Operating TimesOperating time 17:00~3:00 (Last Order 2:30) 
Days Closed     No days Off 
Payment Methodredit cards Accepted・Do not accept Digital money QR Codes are negotiable 
Any Credit Cards are negotiable


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